Monday, December 10, 2012

Product Review: Pro Bar, HALO, Honey Graham

Product info: Vegan
Allergen info:Contains peanuts and wheat. Processed in a facility that contains soy.

I try to stay away from writing bad reviews on products. However, in the case Pro Bar’s Halo line, I feel a review of some sort is necessary.

First off, the only truly remotely positive thing I can say about the line is that the packaging is absolutely brilliant! I was so drawn to the packaging that I bought all three flavors without any hesitation. However, I would undoubtedly NEVER buy these again…

The product inside of the wrapper does not come close to meeting the expectation that is set by the friendly and enticing packaging.

The flavor, honey graham, does not come near to tasting like a honey or graham. Coincidentally  none of the ingredients in the bar even contain honey or graham (or anything that replicates the taste of graham since graham crackers technically do not contain any real graham either). To be honest, the bar tastes so bad that I almost wanted to spit it out the second it touched my tongue. Giving it the benefit of the doubt, I took another bite hoping that it would taste better. Nope, still bad. It tastes as if an amateur baker decided to one day experiment with random “healthy” ingredients, agave, peanut butter, flax seeds, oats, hemp seeds, and so on…Clearly, if you put a bunch of random things together, you are not going to get a masterpiece.

Strangely, the other two flavors taste identical to the honey graham which makes it clear that more time probably went into the packaging than the product itself.

Final Verdict: The words that grace the wrapper, “The sinfully healthy snack,” seem more like just a sin…

Would I purchase again: NO.
Palatability grade: D-
Potential for improvement: They would have to reformulate the product.
Dietetic Profile: B
Overall Grade: C-


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