Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Product Review: Tasty Brand Organic Cookies, Chocolate Chip

Overall Rating: A

Allergen info: Contains wheat, milk, soy. Produced on equipment that may be exposed to tree nuts, peanuts and eggs.

Other info: USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher.

Back when I first started this blog, I did a review on Trader Joe’s 100 calorie chocolate chip cookies (here: They were good but not AMAZING. Well, I found a new brand that is worth raving about! Tasty Brand cookies are sooo good. They taste like little butter cookies, which guess what, are actually made with real butter!

Part of the reason that I started this blog is because today there are a lot of misconceptions and confusion when it comes to food products due to labeling and marketing campaigns.  For instance, the label “Zero trans fat” means (as defined by the USDA and FDA) that it actually contains the maximum of ½ gram of trans fat per serving (which is extremely deceiving). Thus, if labeled, thanks to our government, one has every reason to question it.

It is refreshing to find brands, like Tasty Brand that have nothing but the intention to bring natural and nutritious ingredients to families (free of trans fats and not having to claim the fact).  These cookies come in the trendy 100 calorie packs which are a great way to reinforce the principal that some of us struggle with, portion control. They are made with all natural ingredients (and not FDA’s definition of “all natural”) and are sweetened with agave sweetener as opposed to refined and/ or processed sugars. They are also added with sweet potato to help increase their nutritional value of vitamin A. My only real complaint is the complete lack of fiber at 0g (which accounts for the minus in the A- in the dietetic profile category). However, taste brings it right back up to a solid A. =)


Would I purchase again: Yes.

Palatability Grade: A

Potential for Improvement: Sure.

Dietetic Profile: A-

Overall Grade: A


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