Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Product Review: Divine™ White Chocolate with Strawberries

Allergen info: Contains milk and soy. May have traces of almonds, hazelnuts and gluten.

Overall Product Ranking: B

I have never been a huge fan of white chocolate. I have always been a dark chocolate person who occasionally will eat milk chocolate. Being such a huge fan of Divine’s dark and milk lines, I decided to venture out of my comfort and knowledge zone and write about something different.
As creamy as the white chocolate is and as crispy the strawberries are, I can help but wonder how much dietetic value I get compared to Divine’s dark chocolate like (which really is divine, if you have not tried them). So I did a little digging for this post.
Many chocolates, dark, milk, and white contain cocoa butter as their primary fat of choice. Cocoa butter contains a 50/50 split of two types of fat, heart healthy monounsaturated oleic acid (the same fat as olive oil) and stearic that is found in butter or palmic acid (both saturated fats). Many researchers believe that even though cocoa butters are 50% saturated fats, they also believe that these same fats, specifically stearic acid are not fully absorbed into the body. What does this mean? It means that the saturated fats have a neutral effect on regulating cholesterol levels, leaving the other 50% of oleic acid to do its heart healthy work lowering cholesterol!
Although Devine’s white chocolate is delicious, I am not able to give it as high of score as their dark line for dietetic profile. Although they use cocoa butter, the freeze dried strawberries with depleted nutrient content and 0g of fiber will have to lower their score.

Would I purchase again: Maybe.
Palatability Grade: A
Potential for Improvement: YES!
Dietetic Profile: B-
Overall Grade: B

© Kate Ezra Wolf, 2012

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